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for ibs , colitis , irritable bowel syndrome , allergy , allergies , asthma , germs try ParaZapper; the Hulda Regehr Clark zapper for cancer , illness , and sickness

2012 Holiday Schedule

We will be closed Wednesday, Nov. 21st through Monday Nov. 26th for Thanksgiving.

We will be closed Monday, Dec. 24th through Wednesday Dec.26th for Christmas.

We will be closed Friday, Dec. 28th through Tuesday, Jan 1st 2013 for the New Years celebration.

We will ship all orders that can be shipped before each closing and will resume shipping remaining orders in the order received when we return.

for ibs , colitis , irritable bowel syndrome , allergy , allergies , asthma , germs try ParaZapper; the Hulda Regehr Clark zapper for cancer , illness , and sickness

Where we ship

We ship the ParaZapper to the UK, Canada, Australia, England, Thailand, South Korea, Ireland, Philippines, Italy, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Panama, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Norway, Germany, France, Greece, as well as any country that is normally serviced by UPS or where the US Postal service has a postal agreement. If you do not see a shipping method for your country, please email us.


While we sell and ship ParaZapper as a water treatment device and we do not know of any country that has any prohibitions, some countries may have internal limitations. We do not have any control over this. You must check your countries regulaions to see if you can receive these devices, especially if shipping by UPS or other courier service. Some countries may charge tariffs or import duties, you are responsible for these as the import is for your benefit.

Currently, as our product does not carry a "CE" stamp, we will ship to EU countries only if you are willing to accept responsibility for the order. This requires that if the customs agent rejects your order, you will either pay the cost of return shipment to us or pay for the order itself ( which ever is cheaper for you ). This has only happened once.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

All shipping is standard FOB ( Free On Board ). This means that once it is in the hands of the carrier, the shipment is beyond our control and what happens is not our responsibility. By selecting a shipping method, you are assigning that carrier as your agent and you agree that once we have delivered your order to your agent, it is the same as being delivered to you. Once a package has been shipped, the shipping charges are non-refundable. If the package is not delivered to you, then your only option is to seek a refund from your selected agent.

If you order a shipment and it is refused or returned, we will refund the purchase price minus the shipping costs (which are normally doubled because the package must be returned to us using the same shipping method as it was sent). We will do everything that we can to assist you in case of difficulty, but in any case, once a product has been shipped, it is your responsibility.

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When do we ship?

Currently due to high demand we may have up to a 4-10 business day backlog of orders. We will ship your order as soon as is possible but can only do so much in a day.

All items are normally produced as ordered and shipped within 2 to 5 days of completion of payment.
90 % of all orders are normally shipped within 2 to 4 business days excluding backlogs and inventory shortages.

We also can accomodate special shipping for those in urgent need.
We offer Next Day service to many locations.

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Cost to ship?
The actual shipping methods, along with the exact shipping charges are available on checkout. If you do not see a suitable shipping method, please e-mail us.

Orders placed for UPS may actually be shipped by FedEx unless you notify us that you only want UPS by emailing us.

UPS/Fedex Ground ( mainland US ) is normally $12.00 to $18.00 depending on weight and location.

Priority Mail Shipping (4 - 10 days) to Canada is as low as $16.00 US.

UPS / FedEx Standard (4 - 10 days) to Canada is as low as $18.00 US.

Express Mail International Shipping (3 - 7 days) is available for as low as $25.00 US for many other countries.

We also have UPS/Fedex 3 Day, 2 Day, and Next Day delivery in the US.

There is the option of UPS/Fedex International but it can be very expensive. We do not refund partial shipping charges for UPS International, as we did in the past.

Your actual shipping method and charges can be selected by you on the checkout page.
Any order that is refused will be subject to return charges.

If your shipping cost shows up as $0.00, select another shipping method as that method is not available and we do not ship for free.

Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper Hulda's Zapper Hilda's zapper parasites colon parasites intestinal parasites in humans giardia
Time in transit for UPS Ground (days)
Shorter times to commercial address,
longer times for residential and rural

Our normal phone hours are 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM Central time
We do not take orders over the telephone and
can not provide information on using the zapper for health purposes..
If we are not in, leave a name and phone number, we will call back.

Phone# 1-866-765-5116 Nationwide Tollfree
--or-- 205-856-3909 Alabama Local

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