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Our made in the U.S.A. Hulda Clark Zappers
are top quality zappers and meet or exceed ALL
of Dr. Clark's recommendations and requirements,

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including true square wave and positive offset.

Zapper Comparison:

Modes CPU
Clark 5 to 20 1 or 2 1 or 2 NO
Ultimate 10 to 20 1 only 1 only NO
Terminator 5 to 20 1 only 1 only NO
6-Pack < 1 14 6 Yes
CC-2 0.25 31 6 Yes
UZI-3c 0.25 47 12 Yes
MY-3 0.05 273 over 25
( 35 )
  • CPU is a microprocessor/computer chip
  • The lower the error, the more exact the frequency will be and closer that each unit is to all others.
  • The greater the number of frequencies, the better the chance of having the right one when needed,
  • More modes means a wider range of capabilities.
  • ParaZapper is obviously superior.

Over 98 percent customer satisfaction,
our company has a top rating with the business bureau.


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Many satisfied and happy ParaZapper customers.

ParaZapper UZI produces 100 percent positive signal and True Square Wave. Click for larger image.

Image shows both Positive Offset
and True Squarewave under load.

Notice: We have new improved models available now.

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We are adding to our product line so read to the end of the page for full information.

ParaZapper ™ Dr. hulda clark parasite zapper parasite zapper hulda's zapper dr hulda clark zapper
  • True Positive offset as specified by Dr. Clark
  • Yes, Current Compensated Stabilized output on all ParaZapper ™ models.
  • Optional Super Stabilized output ( not recommended ) on ParaZapper ™ UZI models.
  • Better Dual Frequency zapper (30 kHz)and (2.5 kHz)= better results than single frequency.
  • Multiple Frequency zappers can reach more organisms.
  • Better Zapper Made in the USA of high quality parts .
  • Better Top quality wires and plugs, more compact
  • Solid wire connections, no rinky-dink alligator clips.
  • Long battery life: Power and Status LEDs on all models show that the unit is working correctly, not just on or off.
  • Basic Instructions for water treatment and detailed Information booklet available separately.
  • Ruggedly built for long lasting reliability.
  • Best Zapper Price, Quality, Reliability, Performance .
  • Battery included
  • Over 25,000 sold since 2001 with over 98 percent customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction guarantee includes a 30 day return policy, 5 year parts and labor warranty on our Zappers.
  • Toll Free Customer Support for US and Canada. E-mail support is also abailable.

Visible Proof

ParaZapper kills microbes in water.

Zapper kills many microbes quickly

Image shows that the microbes in the jar on the right are killed by zapping for a 1 hour session, two days in a row.

The cloudiness and color of the control jar on the left shows that there are still living microbes in it.

If it can do this with water, why could it not do the same with other water based systems? Time for more studies? Are you interested in researching this amazing gift?

When observed under the microscope, the electrical current appears to explode almost all of the micro-organisms present.
For more information, see:
zapper works video.

We offer a range of safe, good quality, reliable zappers, made in the U.S.A., that work and our customers love it.

A good reason to buy our products is that we offer better quality at near wholesale prices, not the over inflated prices that some dealers charge. Do not end up paying over $200.00 for a product that has nothing more than a timer chip, cheap components, lamp cord wires, and alligator clips, and should only sell for $60.00 or less. Any zapper that sells for over $100.00 US should have a microprocessor ( computer chip ) in it. All of our products except for the STD and the CCa have a microprocessor for greater accuracy and reliability.

These products use Pulsed Electric Field or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology which has been studied by the FDA for inactivation of microbial organisms in foods and found to be effective. While some sellers may try to claim otherwise, Zappers have not been approved by the FDA for use on humans. The use of PEF has been approved for the treatment of certain cancers in humans under certain circumstances.

ParaZapper ™ Dr. hulda clark parasite zapper parasite zapper hulda's zapper dr hulda clark zapper ParaZapper ™ Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper En Espanol

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If you are looking for the absolute best zapper, check out our ParaZapper ™ UZI with copper paddles and pads below. It is actually 6 different zappers in 1 with an output level of 10.5 volts compared to others which may only have 9 volts or less. Some competitors units are so weak that they even tell you that they do not kill microbes but only boost the immune system instead.

If the UZI is too costly, then consider the ParaZapper ™ CC1 with copper paddles and pads. It has 4 modes with a total of 9 frequencies and a full 9.5 volt output on a fresh battery.
Or consider the even better ParaZapper ™ CC2 with copper paddles and pads. It has 29 special frequencies in 6 modes.

ParaZapper ™ Dr. hulda clark parasite zapper parasite zapper hulda's zapper dr hulda clark zapper

Wrist straps are not recommended but we have them available below.

Some companies use Dr. Clark's name and image on their site, however, they are not Dr. Clark and don't have any connection to her. Sadly, Dr. Clark passed away in Sept. 2009. Note that there are some units available that connect to the wall outlets. You need to be warned that some of these are poorly made and may be potentially lethal. Also, before buying a zapper, call the company selling it and verify that it is made in the U.S. because many foreign made units often don't have good quality standards. We strongly recommend that your zapper be made in the USA.

NOTICE: Dr. Clark states that she does not sell Zappers. See: Any site pretending to be hers should not be trusted. Our only relationship with Dr. Clark is selling a high quality product designed in accordance to the recommendations in her books. Be especially wary of sites that claim to be "Official", "the original", or "the only". Some of these products are of lower quality and may be less beneficial. Note that the best single frequency zapper in the world is not as good as a dual frequency zapper.

While zappers have safely been in use since the early 1990's, The Hulda Clark Zapper, regardless of who makes or sells it, is not FDA approved for human or animal use. Do not be misled by the claims of others.

Confused? See: Confused about the best zapper for me.

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Limited Warranty

Shipping Technical



Can the zapper cure or heal? This is a question that as a result of current regulations here in the U.S., we aren't allowed to provide information about and have had to remove them from our website. Since their introduction, however, many producers and sellers who have provided them have been pursued and shut down by the FDA, whenever these devices have been sold for use on humans, intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life, or prevent imparment of human health. The FDA has not listed any claims of injuries or problems. The FDA only states that registration and fees have not been paid. Therefore under the FDA'a regulations, the zapper does not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury. None the less, regulatory actions continue; for this reason, we do not sell zappers for purposes that require FDA registration and/or validation. We encourage you to sign the following Petition to congress to stop the FDA from pursuing zapper manufacturers and depriving you of your right to make health choices. If you do find a site that offers testimonials of healing or cures, they are probably outside of the US.

As a result of the FDA's policies, we were raided in 2006. According to some lies posted on the internet we were accused of making fraudulent claims and that we settled with the FDA but this is entirely false. We were never charged with any crime or misdemeanor but were sent a letter explaining that our products were considered as CLASS III life support devices when sold for use on humans and for that reason, we had to had to register our products, pay extensive fees, and go through their expensive approval process. This goes to show not only the extremes that the FDA requires, but the extremes that some dishonest competitors will go to in order to boost their sales by discrediting others. One such competitor has a long history of making false claims such as being rated the best by other competitors. This is obviously a distortion of the truth if for no other reason than their product is probably the cheapest made zapper around at one of the highest prices. Use care in your selections and beware of the hype. A single frequency zapper is extremely cheap to make and even cheaper with a 90 percent duty cycle. It is also very easy for foreign companies to post testimonials regardless of the claims made.

You as a free adult individual have the right to choose how you use any devices you purchase for yourself without repercussion from the FDA even though we do not sell them for this purpose. Since FDA regulations do not allow for the sale of zappers for use on humans or animals, while they meet the same manufacturing standards as before, the Zappers below are sold for the experimental use of lowering levels of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, parasites, and other organisms in standing water such as cooling towers, ponds, fountains, water containers, or similar water tanks. Results may not be significant in larger volumes of water.

Zappers are often used in research and study applications. While we couldn't find any rules limiting individual personal research, any doctor using zappers for research on humans or for treating humans may have to register with the FDA. It is the responsibility of the professional to meet these requirements.


Using these devices for eliminating parasites from water is easy but is not 100 percent effective.
Before and after microscopic examination of pond water samples show significant reduction of microbial content after usage in some but not all cases.
When observed under the microscope, the electrical current appears to explode almost all of the micro-organisms present.
For more information, see: zapper works video.
Normal application is to place the electrodes into the water, further apart is better.
The unit is then turned on 7 minutes or longer, turned off for 20 minutes, and this is repeated 3 or more times. Note, these are minimum duration and cycles for smaller volumes of water. Naturally, large volumes of water may require longer times, a greater number of cycles, and more powerful units.

Not intended for use with drinking water, potable water, swimming pools, or for food preparation.

For additional information about zapping, see: Parasite Zapping and the Zapper.

FDA Petition for zappers
[Click here] to Ask congress to stop the FDA from pursuing zapper manufacturers and depriving you of your right to make health choices.

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A book about zapping is available from another site: Parasite Zapping and the Zapper with information on the Zapper.
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